Monday, October 13, 2008

RSS - Important?

In class this past week we learned more about RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and why it is important to PR practitioners.  RSS is basically a tool for people to get news or information sent to them.  Someone can set up a webpage through Google and click on the type of news they want to read more about.  Simply by clicking on a RSS tab the news of that company or organization gets sent directly to their website.  

This is very important to PR practitioners because they can get their information straight to their public and not worry about going through the media.  When PR practitioners send press releases to the media they hope to get their information out to their public through a story the media writes about them.  However, if the media does not think their story is worth writing about or sharing, they can simply set it aside and write about something else.  Through RSS the media does not have a say on whether your information gets sent to your customers because it gets sent directly to them.

This is a great tool for PR practitioners because of its simplicity.  If the customers wants to know more about you all they have to do is click on the RSS icon and information could get sent to them daily.  PR practitioners need to talk their company into using RSS.  It is a good way to feed your information directly into the people who want to know more about you.

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Akwesi Antwi said...

This is well written. I had mistakingly written RSS is Rich Site Summary. Thanks alot.