Friday, September 19, 2008

My Dreams After School

Lets first start off by telling you why I decided to go to graduate school. When I was about ready to graduate from Northwest Missouri State University I had my mind set on getting a job and making money. Like most college students, who had been going to school for 3/4 of their life, I was tired. Tired of going to class, studying, reading and taking the dreaded midterm and final. I wanted a job!!!

I started to look for a job. I was getting a degree in public relations and speech communication and wanted for a job that I could use my skills in. With the economy going down the drain, there were few jobs out there for someone who wanted to go into pr with little experience. I wanted to do something I would be happy with, not something I would dread. I looked and looked and looked, but could not find anything I would be with so I turned into a new direction which was looking at graduate schools.

I ended up coming to Missouri State, which I believe is a good decision. After two years of graduate school and hopefully earning my masters I will be able to get a job I will be happy with. I would love to do public relations/media relations for a professional sports team. I know that certain field is very hard to get into and luckily I have another interest. I am very interested in crisis communication and would love my internship this summer to be in that field. I'm interested in crisis communication because I believe it would be very challenging. Every day it would be something different which I would love.

After graduating I will be on the job hunt again. Hopefully this time I will find something I would to do.

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Jameser said...


I know that during my undergrad I reached a crossroads; either I could go out and look for a job in PR that I felt completely unprepared for (let's face it, going to school your entire life makes finding a career job slightly intimidating) or I could stay in school. I never wanted to get my Masters just for the sake of it and I think that you made the right choice as well. Having a reason to get your Masters - to learn more about PR and gain the edge on competition - was a smart move.