Sunday, September 28, 2008


Last Monday my PR class watched a video about the website YouTube. It was very interesting to see how in months the number of videos posted on this website. It is truely a tool for public relations professionals.

PR professionals could use YouTube to promote their company and/or event. I believe they should be careful however, what and how they promote their organization. YouTube's biggest audience are, if I recall, ages 18 - 35. If you are a company that promotes a product for senior citizens, this channel may not be a good one to choose. Also, with so many spoofs of YouTube's vidoes, the organization needs to be careful what product they show on YouTube. In the video we watched in class there was a car company that promoted their new SUV on YouTube. There was a spoof made about how this SUV is destroying the Earth by how much gasoline it takes. Being able to promote your companies ideas, values and products on YouTube could benefit the company greatly. However, being careful about what and how you promote these ideas, values and products will only help.

If I had a client that was promoting a product for ages 18 - 35 I would have to do something unique to catch the eye of millions. The whole idea of producing a video for YouTube is to get as many people to watch the video as possible. Thinking outside the box and not doing the same thing over and over can only help. Depending on the product you are trying to promote a PR professional could make the video touching, look like a home video, funny, amusing and/or make a music video. Having a commercial like someone would see on television will not do that great on YouTube, but thinking outside the box and doing something different will make an impact on the product you are promoting.

PR professionals need to realize that a website like YouTube can be very helpful when promoting a product. However, they need to realize that it could potentially back fire and harm they companies image. Planning, research and preparation are key to producing a video for YouTube.

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