Saturday, December 6, 2008

Keep the Tweet

If you have not heard about "tweets" you better start learning.  An up and coming, and really already here, social networking site is Twitter.  Twitter allows you update what exactly you are doing at a certain point in time.  This is great for the average person, but also has great opportunities for companies who use Twitter to their advantage.

Any company can use Twitter to their advantage.  If a company's business is in sales Twitter can be used to foster a friendly competition in which sales could potentially increase throughout their company.  The article, How Twitter Can Help at Work, by Sarah Milstein states that by using Twitter you can share ideas.  If the workers is a sales company have Twitter on a monitor and one of their co-workers just made a huge sale and posts it on Twitter, then it could motivate everyone else inside the company to do better and beat the big sale of the day or week.  The worker can post how he or she secured the sale, sharing their idea and helping the company.  This is just one way Twitter could be used within a company.

Twitter can also be used for PR purposes.  Like the example in class if something big happens inside a company it could post it on Twitter, much like the zoo in Springfield.  Companies, I think, need to watch how much they post on Twitter and what exactly they are saying.  A company should not post every tedious event happening in the company, such as a meeting between the secretary and CEO.  By posting only important and substantial news it can help keep your audience in touch with what your company is working towards.  In the article titled "50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business" states that you should follow interesting people.  So make sure your business is Twittering about things people are interested in not just the day to day actions.  


Margaret Orlando said...

Is this a threat, Jeff??

keshia said...

Jeff-I really like your idea about the competition. If you have read my blog, you know that I am not the biggest fan of Twitter...but I really do think the idea you proposed is a good idea. It might be more benefical internally (i.e. a friendly competition between employees to increase sales) than for use as an external tool to promote the organization, but you definitely had a great idea!

krseRN said...

I like the internal idea as well. I hadn't thought of it that way! However, isn't that just another form of instant messaging? Hmmm...maybe we've come full circle and we're by back to the days of msn and aol IMing, but with a fancier twittier name.

Akwesi Antwi said...

I think with time, many people and companies, like myself, will catch on with the use of twitter to take advantage of its potential advantages.