Sunday, November 2, 2008

After receiving Todd Defren's version of a Social Media News Release Template, Version 1.5 I thought it was very interesting and made me realize how dependent people are on the internet to get their information.  No need to read a book, newspaper or even a magazine anymore because it is easier, and sometimes cheaper, to get that information from your computer.

However, social media news releases are great tools for PR professionals.  By writing these types of press releases you get your information directly to your public.  There is no need of going through the media anymore if you do not want to.  These press releases also have very important rules to follow in order to get the press release noticed in searches more.  Two things a PR professional can do is enrich the press release with key words and also place links to certain pages within your website.  By doing just these two things can help your press release come up into searches and also place potential customers into your website. 

There are many new rules to using social media news releases and I am certain they will end up changing sooner than later.  As of right now PR professionals should use this type of release because it is yet another way to get your companies information directly to their public and potential customers.    


krseRN said...

I agree I think this template is great for the PR world. It does a good job getting information directly to the public. But, do you think that with all the information that is provided that someone could be detoured from an overload?

I also like your ideas on the two key things PR professionals can do to enrich a press release. Again, do you think the template we were provided in class is too much? It just seems a bit too busy for me.

Akwesi Antwi said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I was also surprise about what you can find on the internet these days-almost anything, huh.