Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Forecast is Podcast

Podcasts are the new thing for getting information where you want it and when you want it.  Podcasts can be audio or video and can be put onto any media player like a computer or iPod.  That's what is so great about podcasts because you can get anything you want to watch put right onto your media player.  

A lot of companies already practice this new age technology like CNN and ESPN.  A person who watches either one or both, who can not be around a television, can automatically put their podcast on there iPod and watch it whenever they have a chance.  This is great for companies and the PR practitioner.  Being able to get information and keep your customers happy is essential to the success of the company.

If you want to learn the in and outs of Podcast visit This site, Commoncraft, also explains RSS feeds, social media, twitter, blogs, social bookmarking (delicious).  It is a great site that breaks things down to a simple format.  


maggie said...

Nice blog, very informative!

AmandaK said...

I love those common craft videos! They are simple, informative, and entertaining. After all of this talk about Podcasts, I really need to learn how to use these darn things!

Ericka said...

Thanks for the examples (CNN, ESPN) and good points about what makes podcasts so effective (anytime, anyplace). And thanks for being so darn resourceful by providing that link common craft!

I was just thinking, I wonder how much podcasts really play a role in PR, I mean, whoever is over podcasts for a company might be more of their marketer and advertiser than PR representative.

Although I guess if done right, podcasts can really make a company personal (like doing interviews over a podcast to show the personal side to the CEO or staff or athlete); that could be really good for company representation and customer relations... so I guess in that way it would be really good for PR !

Akwesi Antwi said...

I think podcast is the new "thing." The days of waiting or missing your favorite radio or TV programs are gone.